Increase revenue

by promoting offers
to your users
when they download software or content from your site
Advanced Analytics
with detailed reports
to track your success
employing dynamic and cutting edge technologies

Earn more

by installing more
and installing better
with our optimized downloaders and relevant advertising
We do the work
with simple integration
+ full customization
to help you to grow your business quickly


Do you want a massive distribution of your Windows software or browser addons? Reach the right user through precise targeting. Our performance based channel grants you only pay for a new successful install.

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Monetize with relevant offers to your users within the download process. Earn money with each offer installed just by using our fast and customizable download manager. Better payouts, optimized conversion and real-time analytics.

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In-depth Analytics

Detailed reports to best aid decision making and optimize conversion.

Works Everywhere

Compatible with all Windows browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome...

100% Customizable

With your logo, colors and language as a true extension of your site.